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  • $65 million
    verdict for defective space heater in product liability case
  • $16.2 million
    verdict for brain injury in motorcycle accident case
  • $14.5 million
    verdict for insurance bad faith case
  • $14.25 million
    verdict for wrongful death in motorcycle accident
  • $14.2 million
    verdict for wrongful death in dangerous roadway case
  • $14 million
    verdict for insurance bad faith case
  • $10 million
    verdict in wrongful death in improper traffic control measures
  • $8 million
    verdict in dangerous condition of public property
  • $5.6 million
    verdict for death of elderly man in wrongful death case
  • $4.35 million
    verdict for amputation in premise liability

Top Los Angeles Product Liability Trial Lawyers

We trust that the products we purchase and use will be safe and not cause injury or harm to us or our loved ones. However, all too often a defective product results in a severe accident. In these cases, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of defective products can be held liable for damages.

A product may be dangerous because the manufacturer fails to warn of associated dangers, or because of a design defect or a manufacturing defect. Products covered by product liability law include food, drugs and most consumer products. To seek damages you do not have to be the original buyer of the product. If a product is defective and causes an injury, then you can bring a claim for damages.

Product Liability Case Results
  • $60 million
    In 2015, Arash Homampour tried a product liability case in Orange County Federal Court and obtained a $60 million (general damages only) verdict on behalf of a family when a mother/wife died in a house fire caused by a Sunbeam heater.

    This was a very tough case in that it was admitted that a home space heater was used in a way where the warning to keep clothing 3 feet away was not complied with. The defense argued that the heater was safe when used properly, met all UL standards, the Consumer Product Safety Commission did not tell them to recall the product, and after selling 10 million of these radiant heaters there was no history of any other significant fires.

    We established that the heater's automatic safety switch would not work in a foreseeable misuse situation where clothing could get inadvertently closer than 3 feet in front of or touching the front lower grill of the heater and start a fire. We proved that the warnings did not tell the user not to leave the heater on while sleeping and did not tell the user that the auto safety switch would not always work. We uncovered that Sunbeam knew the safety device might not work and that consumers had no idea.

    $11 Million
    In 2010, Arash Homampour settled a product liability action for $11 million against a Defendant in a very difficult liability case.

    $5.5 Million
    In 2010, Arash Homampour settled a product liability action for a 72 year old Plaintiff for $5.5 million where there was significant evidence of both Plaintiff and employer negligence.

    $3 Million
    In 2013, Arash successfully tried another case in Federal Court. This was product liability lawsuit where a father and son were using an extension ladder when the father fell while climbing down the ladder. The father suffered a very serious brain injury and later died. Arash took on this difficult case where the ladder manufacturers win virtually all of time and across the country. In fact, the ladder manufacturer refused to settle the case stating that it had a corporate policy of never settling.

    Well, Arash uncovered some other interesting corporate policies. He proved that the ladder manufacturers have known for years that these ladders can get into what is called a false locked position where a user will mistakenly think the ladder is locked but it really is not. The ladder manufacturers had a safety device and better warnings to address this defect but chose not to use them on his clients' ladder. The case went to trial in Federal Court and, despite the enormous obstacles faced in the case and a federal trial, a jury unanimously found that the ladder was defective, that the manufacturer was negligent and ordered it to pay $3 million in damages to our clients.

    $3 million
    In 2008, Arash Homampour obtained a $3 million settlement for a Plaintiff in a product liability case where an explosion from a dust collector caused him serious burns. OSHA investigated and cited Plaintiff's employer for the incident finding the Plaintiff improperly handled combustible materials with a vacuum and the employer failed to properly handle the materials. Plaintiff denied he used the vacuum, but the circumstantial evidence against him was strong. The vacuum's manual clearly warned the user to not use the vacuum with combustible materials. Many attorneys declined the case because no one could figure out how to prove Plaintiff did not use a vacuum and because of the overwhelming evidence of employer negligence.

    Arash Homampour pursued a Defendant manufacturer of a machine that was not the vacuum. By retaining the top experts across the country, aggressive discovery and lots of fun explosions, Arash was able to convince the Defendant that their product was defective and caused Plaintiff's injuries. Whether or not the machine caused the initial explosion, the way it was designed vented the explosion and fire at Plaintiff.

    This result was especially gratifying because Plaintiff was a manual laborer who could no longer work because of his serious, disfiguring burns to his body. He was a husband and father who had sunk into a serious depression. With the settlement funds, he was able to restore some dignity knowing he could provide for his family.

We have attained over half a billion dollars for our clients, we think our results speak for themselves, read about them here.

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It is crucial that the lawyer you hire to handle a product liability claim has the experience, knowledge, resources and passion to take on multibillion-dollar corporations. The Homampour Law Firm has successfully pursued, tried and settled many product liability claims for seven- and eight-figure results. We have handled a wide array of claims involving products such as ladders, mop buckets, vehicles, tractors, voltage meters, table saws, mixers, sealers, dust collectors and other consumer or commercial products. We know the law, what experts to retain and how to aggressively litigate these cases against companies with unlimited resources.

The Homampour Law Firm also specializes in product liability claims involving vehicles, and we have successfully handled car defect cases involving defective seat belts, seats, air bags, tires and stability control.

Our Los Angeles product liability lawyers have a strong reputation for aggressively fighting for the rights of our clients. From day one, we will work toward our goal of helping you obtain justice and a fair and full financial recovery. Additionally, we are dedicated to making products safer for all consumers, taking pride in successful cases that allow us the opportunity to do so.

Our attorneys immediately begin building your case, preserving and examining evidence for the strongest claim possible. We are accomplished trial lawyers who will take all necessary steps to obtain fair and full compensation for your injuries.

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