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  • $65 million
    verdict for defective space heater in product liability case
  • $16.2 million
    verdict for brain injury in motorcycle accident case
  • $14.5 million
    verdict for insurance bad faith case
  • $14.25 million
    verdict for wrongful death in motorcycle accident
  • $14.2 million
    verdict for wrongful death in dangerous roadway case
  • $14 million
    verdict for insurance bad faith case
  • $10 million
    verdict in wrongful death in improper traffic control measures
  • $8 million
    verdict in dangerous condition of public property
  • $5.6 million
    verdict for death of elderly man in wrongful death case
  • $4.35 million
    verdict for amputation in premise liability

Top Los Angeles Bus Accident Trial Lawyers

It is a sad reality that many bus drivers drive too fast and needlessly endanger those on the bus and in the streets. Despite their specialized training, passengers, pedestrians and fellow drivers are seriously hurt or killed because of negligent driving. Sometimes, bus drivers will abuse their power and hurt or abuse passengers (including school children).

If you or a loved one has suffered severe injury or been killed as a result of a bus, it is critical that you hire attorneys who are experienced and know how to handle these specialized cases. The Homampour Law Firm has successfully handled many types of bus cases, including injuries to other motorists, to passengers and to pedestrians. We were one of the first firms to use the camera footage on buses to prove excessive speeding or negligent operation to successfully win a case against the LACMTA. We know what to look for and how to prove these complex cases. We also handle abuse cases against bus drivers accused of sexually assaulting students.

Bus Accident Case Results
  • $12 million
    In 2005, Arash Homampour obtained a $12 million verdict from a Norwalk jury in a case against the LACMTA when its speeding bus crashed into a pick up truck being driven by Plaintiff Ramon Melendez (a 63 year old construction worker from El Salvador).

    This was another extremely difficult liability case as Plaintiff had backed out of a driveway with a BAC of .26 when he was struck by the bus. Arash effectively shifted the jurors obvious focus on the fact that Plaintiff was intoxicated to the bus driver's role in speeding.

    More details on this verdict can be found here.

    $5.75 million
    In 2007, Arash Homampour settled a very tough liability bus versus pedestrian case for $5.75 million where a pedestrian entered the street against a red light and the driver had the right of way. However, Arash was able to establish that the bus driver had enough time to perceive, react and avoid hitting the pedestrian but was not using reasonable care.

    $1.25 million
    In 2009, Arash Homampour settled a virtually impossible liability wrongful death action for $1.25 million against a bus operator where a disembarking customer who had a .45 BAC (legally dead) was run over by the bus after he fell against it. The customer later died and his treating doctor testified (independent of the bus incident) that he had less than 6 months to live as a result of liver failure.

    But, Arash was able to establish that elderly, disabled and even drunk people rely on bus transportation, that the bus operators knew this and that the bus drive broke the rules because he did not make sure the decedent was clear of the bus before starting to drive away.

We have attained over half a billion dollars for our clients, we think our results speak for themselves, read about them here.

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California Bus Injury Attorneys

The Homampour Law Firm handles even the most complex personal injury claims for plaintiffs throughout California. Our attorneys provide aggressive, results-driven representation to clients who have been in bus accidents. We begin building cases immediately, preserving evidence (like camera footage on buses used to reconstruct and disprove bus driver claims) and obtaining any necessary driver records to prove negligence on the part of the bus company or its drivers.

Our attorneys are prepared to fight for your rights against owners of any public or private bus company, including those that run transit authorities, school districts and charter transportation. We are accomplished trial lawyers who are prepared to handle your case from beginning to end and get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

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