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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 30,196 fatal car crashes in the United States in 2010. Additionally, the NHTSA also reports that 1.54 million crashes resulted in an injury. These crashes are frequently caused by the negligence of other drivers, leading to their own death or injury as well as those of innocent victims.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. In these situations, it is important to discuss your claim with a personal injury lawyer who has the specialized skill and knowledge to get you results. It is critical that your attorney be one who actually takes cases to and wins at trial. Arash Homampour is known throughout the state as one of the top trial attorneys, having won large verdicts throughout the state in motor vehicle accident cases.

Motor Vehicle Accident Case Results
  • $30 million
    In 2019, Attorneys Arash Homampour and Scott Boyer obtained a $30 million court judgment from Ventura County Superior Court for the wrongful death of a teenage pedestrian for her Spanish speaking parents. More details on this verdict can be found here.
  • $16 million
    In early 2015, Arash obtained a $16.2 million jury verdict for a 37 year old motorcycle rider who suffered a brain injury after he was cut off by a negligent driver. Using a unique but powerful legal theory, we alleged that the driver's employer was legally and financially responsible although the driver was off the clock and driving home.

    Under the Vehicle Use Exception, we alleged that the driver was still in the course and scope of her employment because eight months prior she had used her vehicle on a few occasions for work purposes in her capacity as a loan counselor. Defendant employer alleged that the driver was not acting in the course of her employment and was not required to use her vehicle to work.

    Defendants together alleged that our client was solely responsible for his brain injury because he was wearing an illegal novelty helmet (non-DOT qualified). We admitted that our client was negligent for failing to wear a DOT qualified helmet but that no helmet would have prevented the brain injury (which resulted from rotational forces.)

    Defendants also argued that our client had recovered from his brain injury because he continued working after the incident for almost 3 years. Ultimately, we were able to convince the jury that the employer was legally responsible, that our client suffered serious and permanent injuries and that he was only 2.9 percent negligent with the jury finding Defendants 97.1% responsible.

    The trial was grueling, complex and highly technical but Arash was still able to make sure justice prevailed.

    $12 million
    In late 2012, Arash took on Allstate Insurance company and tried a case where Allstate's insured was involved in a motor vehicle collision with our firm's client, who was on a motorcycle. The investigating officer found (erroneously) that our client was totally at fault and the insurance company refused to pay its $100,000 in policy coverage. Another attorney then brought our firm in to handle the lawsuit and take it to trial.

    After spending more than $300,000 in case costs just to get a shot at justice, Arash Homampour was successful in convincing a jury that the Allstate driver was solely at fault and that our client deserved full compensation.

    Allstate now must pay over $12 million to our insured when it could have settled with the prior attorney for $100,000.

    $7.75 million
    In 2006, Arash Homampour also settled an extremely difficult motorcycle accident case involving improper traffic controls for $7.75 million where the investigating officers had Plaintiff at fault for speeding at over 90 mph.

    $7 million
    In 2007, Arash Homampour obtained a $7 million jury verdict in a wrongful death case in Simi Valley (the verdict was later reduced by the Court on remittitur) for a Plaintiff whose husband of one year died. The Defendant Truck Company's employee illegally parked a big rig truck on the shoulder of the freeway in order to sleep. Another vehicle in which the Plaintiff's husband was a passenger, veered off the freeway onto to the shoulder, and collided with the rear of Defendant's illegally parked big rig. Plaintiff's husband was killed instantly.

    The plaintiff was non-English speaking and testified through a Spanish interpreter. Plaintiff sought only non-economic damages. Prior to the trial the defendant Truck Company rejected Plaintiff's offer to settle for $500,000. More details on this verdict can be found here.

    $3.6 million
    In 2009, the firm settled a wrongful death vehicle versus motorcycle case for $3.6 million. The case involved the tragic death of a young adult motorcyclist and was on behalf of his mother and dependent minor nephews. The substantial settlement was despite the fact that Defendants had strong evidence that decedent was speeding and that his speeding caused the collision. More details on this result can be found here.

    $2.73 million
    In 2006, Arash Homampour obtained a $2.73 million judgment ($2 million verdict) in a wrongful death case against a 17 year old driver. Again, this was a difficult liability case as eyewitnesses and the investigating officer had decedent motorcyclist speeding, running a red light and at fault.

    Not only was Arash successful in convincing the jury that decedent was not speeding and did not run a red light, but he was able to get the jurors beyond their expressed prejudice towards motorcyclists.

    The defendant insurance carrier refused to pay its $100,000 in policy limits and, ultimately, had to pay 27 times the policy limit. More details on this verdict can be found here.

    $3.5 million
    In 2012, Arash obtained a $3.5 million verdict in a wrongful death case in Federal Court. The case involved a truck driver that ran over and killed a young girl on her bike. The investigating officer found (erroneously) that the young girl was totally at fault. Again, another attorney brought our firm in, but this time to take the case to trial. Even though strong evidence in the form of surveillance video showed that the driver was at least partially at fault, the insurance company refused to pay a reasonable settlement.

    This was a particularly difficult case because it was tried in Federal Court, the young girls parents testified through Spanish interpreters, and there was evidence that the young girl rode her bike from the sidewalk into the crosswalk against a flashing red pedestrian signal. Many attorneys are afraid of Federal Court and its strict procedures, harsh restrictions on jury selection and unanimous verdict requirement. But, not Arash, as he was successful in convincing a Federal jury which unanimously found that the truck driver could and should have avoided the collision and that a beautiful precious young life was needlessly taken.

    The jury awarded $3.5 million or more than 10 times what the insurance company offered to settle during trial.

    In 2008, Arash Homampour obtained a $1,500,000 settlement (which were Defendants' policy limits) in a case where a mother was driving on the freeway, when she lost control of her vehicle, hit the center divider, and rebounded into the path of Defendants' truck. Unfortunately, she died and we successfully argued that Defendant driver as a professional truck driver had a duty to anticipate hazards on the freeways and that he had enough time to perceive, react and avoid the collision. More details on this result can be found here.

    In 2009, Arash Homampour obtained a $1,000,000 settlement (which were Defendants' policy limits) in a case where a father was driving down the freeway, lost control for reasons unknown and crossed over into the path of a truck. The driver died. It was determined that the Defendant truck driver had methamphetamines in his system. Even though Defendant's insurance company contended that there was nothing the driver could do to avoid the collision, we were successful in showing that the truck driver was potentially impaired and could have avoided the collision.
We have attained over half a billion dollars for our clients, we think our results speak for themselves, read about them here.

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