$10,000,000 Auto Versus Motorcycle | Wrongful Death

February 15, 2018

$10,000,000 Auto Versus Motorcycle | Wrongful Death

This tragic case involved a fatal vehicle vs. motorcycle left turn accident at the intersection of Exposition Blvd. and Bundy Dr. in West Los Angeles.

Investigating officers assigned fault with the 16 year old left turning driver. Our amazing co-counsel Karen Gajewski and Ed Baughan determined that left turns were to be prohibited at this intersection as a result of Metro Line construction. Even the officers missed that there were supposed to be 3 no left turn/u-turn signs with 2 elevated on the N/W and N/E light poles and 1 in the median. The sign in the median was missing.

Imagery used at trial to demonstrate signage being present and absent.
Imagery used at trial to demonstrate signage being present and absent.

We were brought in to bring a claim against the Construction Co and other entities responsible to make sure that median sign was present. These defendants contended that they did nothing wrong and that the accident was the exclusive fault of either the inexperienced 16-year-old driver who had been driving for 6 months (he admitted he knew it was a no left turn intersection, but turned anyway claiming the path was clear) and/or the decedent on the motorcycle (who defendants claimed was heavily impaired from marijuana use.)

The Homampour Law Firm handled this case through trial and convinced a jury that the construction company, Skanska-Rados Expo 2 Joint Venture, was responsible and that decedent did nothing wrong. The jury awarded $10 million in wrongful death general damages to Plaintiffs (the wife and mother of decedent) and apportioned 55% against the construction company.

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