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Arash Homampour & Danielle Lincors On Trial Technology

December 18, 2020

Watch Arash Homampour and Danielle Lincors explain how they used graphics and animations to secure a $20 million pre-trial settlement in a case originally valued at $100,000 and with only $1.5 million in policy limits. Transcript Arash Homampour: Getting an insurance company in the initial lawsuit to pay more than the policy limits is virtually… View Article

Arash Homampour Interview On CNN Discussing Sanctuary Cities

November 12, 2020

Trial lawyer Arash Homampour talks with CNN about sanctuary cities and White House Executive Orders.

Courtroom View Network Features Arash Homampour’s Rebuttal In Trial Over Paralyzed Cyclist

March 3, 2020

Courtroom View Network (CVN) is the industry leader in delivering live and on-demand video and editorial coverage of high-stakes civil litigation.

Arash Homampour On Remote Working

March 25, 2019

Trial lawyer Arash Homampour talks about the effectiveness of remote working employees.

Arash Homampour On Doing Whatever It Takes To Get Started

March 19, 2019

Trial lawyer Arash Homampour talks about doing whatever it takes to get a legal career started. Transcript I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have a mentor, I didn’t have any cases, and I actually didn’t have any money. I was in debt over $150,000 because, I worked all through college, worked all through law… View Article

Arash Homampour On The Joy Of Winning Your First Case

March 14, 2019

Trial lawyer Arash Homampour remembers winning his first case. Transcript I couldn’t afford space, so I bartered for space, meaning I would give hours to an attorney, in exchange for having a small office. Didn’t have a secretary, did my own photocopying, did all of that, everything that a young lawyer has to do and… View Article

Arash Homampour On The Business Of Practicing Law

March 12, 2019

Trial Lawyer Arash Homampour points out the importance of successfully running the business side of a law firm. Transcript The business side of practicing law is very different than being a lawyer. And it is not uncommon for someone to be in my position to be an extraordinarily gifted trial lawyer, and then kinda suck… View Article

Arash Homampour On Los Angeles Trial Lawyer Charities

February 27, 2019

Trial Lawyer Arash Homampour talks about joining Trial Lawyer Charities to help the local community. Transcript An attorney Bruce Traney and Pejman Ben Cohen and some others started this organization that was basically designed to make sure that we pooled our resources, make the biggest impact in the community, and then let the world know… View Article

Arash Homampour On Two Practices: Yoga And The Law

February 14, 2019

Trial Lawyer Arash Homampour’s practice of yoga has a direct and positive impact on his performance in court. Transcript I do yoga five, six times a week and yoga is meditation on the mat. And what yoga does, for especially Type A’s, Type A pluses like me and other trial lawyers, is it allows us… View Article

Arash Homampour On Handling Stress

February 12, 2019

Trial Lawyer Arash Homampour discusses how he deals with stress and helps to alleviate the stressors that his clients may be experiencing. Transcript Arash Homampour On How To Handle Stress lawyer, zero, none. Are there moments that I have fears and concerns that I have to address? Absolutely and it just makes me over prepare…. View Article

Arash Homampour On Being A Student Of Life

February 7, 2019

Trial Lawyer Arash Homampour finds value in being a well-rounded person and working on all aspects of one’s life to challenge and better oneself. Transcript You know, I think it’s really important as a trial lawyer, or any successful human being, that you are well rounded. I think it’s important that you take care of… View Article

Arash Homampour On Turning Failure Into Long Term Success

February 5, 2019

Trial lawyer Arash Homampour talks about how a failure early in his career helped him transform his behavior and attitude. Transcript First of all, I’m, I can say this with all humility, I’m an extraordinarily bright person. Teachers have always told me that. I just had a hard time applying myself. So, I was a… View Article

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