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Burn Injury Case Results

We think results speak louder than words and just a few examples of our results in burn injury cases, include:

$3 million

In 2008, Arash Homampour obtained a $3 million settlement for a Plaintiff in a product liability case where an explosion caused him serious burns. OSHA investigated and cited Plaintiff's employer for the incident finding the Plaintiff improperly handled combustible materials with a vacuum and the employer failed to properly handle the materials. Plaintiff denied he used the vacuum, but the circumstantial evidence against him was strong. The vacuum's manual clearly warned the user to not use the vacuum with combustible materials.

Many attorneys declined the case because no one could figure out how to prove Plaintiff did not use a vacuum and because of the overwhelming evidence of employer negligence. Arash Homampour pursued a Defendant manufacturer of a machine that was not the vacuum. By retaining the top experts across the country, aggressive discovery and lots of fun explosions, Arash was able to convince the Defendant that their product was defective and caused Plaintiff's injuries. Whether or not the machine caused the initial explosion, the way it was designed vented the explosion and fire at Plaintiff.

This result was especially gratifying because Plaintiff was a manual laborer who could no longer work because of his serious, disfiguring burns to his body. He was a husband and father who had sunk into a serious depression. With the settlement funds, he was able to restore some dignity knowing he could provide for his family.


In 2010, Arash Homampour settled a difficult liability case where Plaintiff suffered serious burns when a mop cart he was using to apply tar tipped over.

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