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Some summer toys pose safety hazards for kids

It is anticipated that over the course of this summer, approximately 2.7 million children will be treated in the emergency rooms of hospitals for injuries from accidents. Accordingly, the organization World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. is stressing the importance of parents being aware that certain children's products have a high risk of causing kids serious injuries.

At a recent press conference in Boston at Franciscan Children's, advocates for product safety displayed 10 "Summer Safety Traps" that could pose hazards this 4th of July weekend and beyond. Below are some of the worst offenders.

-- Play guns and projectile ammunition.

These toys carry the risk of injury to children's eyes, as do bows and arrows and any other "aiming" toys that usually are unaccompanied by eye protection.

-- Airborne toys like boomerangs and helicopters.

These, too, carry a risk of injury to the eye, as well as laceration to the face or other body parts from sharp, rigid edges.

-- Hoverboards.

These popular "toys" have been featured in the media as having the tendency to spontaneously combust. While the fire risk is indeed a danger, it's not the only one. Traumatic brain injuries and other injuries from impact are also possible.

-- Baby pools and mop buckets.

Small children can drown in as few as two inches of water, which can easily collect in any container left out in a summer rainstorm. Not only does standing water accumulate mosquitoes, it poses a real safety hazard for the wee ones.

-- Floaties, rafts and water wings.

The problem with these flotation devices is that they lull parents with a false sense of security. They believe their child is safe in a pool or body of water when wearing them, but they are not a substitute for swimming skills. Rafts can trap a small child underneath and hide signs of drowning until it's too late.

If your child gets injured due to a dangerous children's toy this summer, you might decide to seek compensation from the manufacturer or retailer in a civil lawsuit.

Source: World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc., "W.A.T.C.H.’s 2016 Summer Safety Report For Parents and Caregivers," June 28, 201

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