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LAPD works to halt upswing in fatal bike, pedestrian crashes

During the first nine months of 2013, 20 pedestrians have been struck by cars and killed at a small number of high-volume intersections in California’s San Fernando Valley. This is a significant increase - 18 percent, to be exact – from the number of bicycle and pedestrian fatalities at those intersections last year. In fact, the total number of motor vehicle accidents (both fatal and non-fatal) involving bicyclists and pedestrians is up by about four percent from this time last year. If the current trend continues, that number will only continue to increase during the last few months of the year.

In an effort to avoid that outcome, the Los Angeles Police Department is stepping up its enforcement of traffic laws in the high-volume intersections in which those fatal accidents have taken place this year. They will reportedly be targeting drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, citing all three for the violations that commonly lead to collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians.

The LAPD will have both uniformed and plain-clothes officers at the designated intersections. They will be on the lookout for drivers that fail to yield or stop at crosswalks, or that roll through crosswalks when pedestrians or bicyclists are in or approaching them. In addition, they will be citing pedestrians for jaywalking and similar violations that could potentially put their lives at risk.

The increased enforcement makes it clear that both drivers and pedestrians can take action to avoid accidents, despite the fact that walkers and bicyclists tend to suffer more significant damage during those crashes. Everyone on the road carries the responsibility of keeping it safe for those around them.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “LAPD Steps Up Patrols After String Of Deadly Traffic Accidents,” Oct. 9, 201

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