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How can I keep my teen safe on prom night?

As your teenage sons and daughters head off in all of their finery for their end of the school year proms, it is important to remind them to keep safety foremost in their minds.

This can be difficult to do, given the predilection of youth to engage in risky behaviors fueled by peer pressure and drugs and alcohol. But when your children's safety hangs in the balance, it's important to discuss risk reduction strategies.

A car packed full of exuberant teens is no match for a fully-loaded semi barreling down on them. As it's very easy to get distracted on prom night in a car with friends, it's a good idea to suggest renting a limo for the evening's festivities.

Discuss and role-play ways your teen can deflect peer pressure to engage is risky and unsafe behaviors, from giving in to unwanted sexual advances to turning down that beer or joint. Encourage him or her to remain the positive role model and inspire others.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eight teenagers die daily in car wrecks in the United States. The excitement of prom night ups the risk factor even more. Strategies for staying safe include having teens promise to abide by curfews, checking in at pre-arranged times upon arrival and departure from different locations and arranging for alcohol- and drug-free after-party events for the teens to attend.

If your prom-going teen gets into a wreck with a truck or car in Los Angeles, as parents, it will be up to you to initiate any insurance claims or civil litigation resulting from the accident.

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