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Let us negotiate your settlement with a trucking company

When you get into a collision with a commercial semitruck on a California road or freeway, the odds are not in the passenger vehicle's favor. Chances are good that if you do survive, you will have catastrophic injuries that may lay you up in the hospital for months or even leave you permanently disabled.

Even if your injuries are not quite that severe, it is very likely that you will have ambulance fees, emergency room charges, lab tests, x-rays, MRIs, physical therapy and other costs associated with your treatment and rehabilitation. You might miss work or have to take a pass on lucrative career opportunities because you are just not able to manage while recovering from your injuries in the collision.

Sometimes the insurance companies of at-fault truckers will try to rush claimants through with offers of quick settlement checks. They know that being off of work recuperating hits the wallet hard, so they approach you when you are at your most vulnerable point.

But there is method to their madness, as these low-ball offers are nowhere near what your full claim may be worth. Most barely cover the current bills, but what about the expenses you may incur later from complications resulting from your accident?

That's why we at the Homampour Law Firm encourage our clients to allow us to evaluate their claims thoroughly before they agree to any settlement offers. While it's a fact that most personal injury cases never wind up litigated in courts, the negotiation process takes experience and finesse for our clients to receive the maximum value for their injuries.

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