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Nationwide recall for jars of fruit sold at Walgreens

If you are a fan of sliced peaches or mixed fruit in jars, make sure that you check your cupboards for a recently recalled product.

The Milky Way International Trading Corp. has recalled both its Nice! Mixed Fruit and Nice! Peach Slices that are sold in 8 oz. glass jars. Reportedly, there could be glass shards mixed in with the fruit. This is a voluntary recall based on a single complaint regarding a jar of peaches; no complaints have been received about the company's mixed fruit products.

However, in an abundance of caution over fears that consumers might be injured or cut from swallowing the shards, they recalled both types of products. This is a nationwide recall affecting the jars that were sold in Walgreens. All that remained unsold have been taken off the market, but consumers could still have some in their homes.

The recalled products include:

-- Item #80896, Mixed Fruit in Light Syrup

-- Item #80894, Peach Slices in Light Syrup

Both types of products are packaged in 8 oz. glass jars. If you find you have bought these products, you may either return them to the point of purchase or call Milky Way International from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday at (888) 496-9187 for more information.

It's always reassuring when a company is proactive about a recall and voluntarily removes potentially harmful products from the marketplace. But not all companies react in such a way, and allow their products to continue to be sold. In those types of situations, injured consumers may decide to take legal action against the distributors and/or manufacturers.

Source: NBC, "Nice! Peaches, Mixed Fruit Recalled Over Possible Glass Pieces," Elizabeth Arakelian, April 19, 201

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