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Do you remember to wear a bike helmet on each ride?

It's hard to imagine that people still ride bicycles without first donning bike helmets to protect their heads, yet some do. Annually, roughly 900 bicyclists die in bike accidents, and of that total, three-quarters of those deaths are attributed to head injuries.

However, nearly 90 percent of all brain injuries stemming from bike wrecks could be averted through the proper usage of bicycle helmets.Helmets also help riders appear more visible to drivers. As part of protective cycling gear, it is the first line of defense for bicyclists to protect themselves.Helmets don't have to be dull, boring lids. There are many designs to choose from, allowing riders to select the helmet that appeals to them and matches their style.

Making sure that the helmet is a good fit is necessary in order to provide the necessary level of protection against traumatic brain injuries. An ill-fitting helmet is as useless as none.

Any time a bike rider and a vehicle collide on the highway, the outcome is likely to be poor for the biker. Anything you can do to protect yourself from catastrophic injuries or death is a smart idea.

Even when you do all that you can to keep yourself safe, sometimes accidents are inevitable due to drivers' inattention, distraction or negligence. If they fail to yield and a collision occurs, it may be necessary to take legal action in order to be compensated for your medical bills and other related costs.

You can potentially seek reimbursement for time spent off of work while recovering from your injuries, the damage done to your bicycle and other personal property and other potential losses.

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