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Cough syrup recalled with morphine as ingredient

Many people turn to alternative medical practices and medications when they are ill or suffering. Some techniques — like acupuncture — have a proven success rate for some patients. Others, such as some types of non-traditional medications, are less beneficial and may even worsen the patient's condition or cause further health woes.

One over-the-counter cough syrup that was sold in Chinese grocery stores in six states falls into the latter group. As announced by the Food and Drug Administration last month, the distributor ordered a voluntary recall of a version of its cough syrups after one of the ingredients was discovered to be morphine.

The affected states are:

-- California

-- Hawaii

-- Illinois

-- Nevada

-- New Jersey

-- Ohio

The company, Master Herbs, Inc., which is based here in California, is recalling Licorice Cough Liquid in 100ml bottles.

The FDA stated that the powerful opiate was not listed as an ingredient on the label, putting consumers at great risk if they consumed it.

The agency said that if a consumer takes morphine unknowingly, they can develop life-threatening complications such as anaphylactic shock and respiratory depression.

If you discover that you were made ill or your condition took a turn for the worse after taking supplements or medications that were subject to a product recall, you may have a cause of action for a civil lawsuit to recover damages.

Even in cases where there has been no recall, it may be possible to pursue a claim if the product came with insufficient warnings or was otherwise dangerous or defective.

Source: CLICK Orlando, "Cough syrup recalled because it has morphine," Joshua Berlinger, Jan. 22, 201

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