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Seeking damages relating to defective product injuries

Most readers are aware that there have been a rash of automotive recalls in recent years. In fact, millions of cars have been recalled relating to extremely dangerous safety defects -- defects that have killed and/or seriously injured unsuspecting motorists and passengers. In many situations, the automakers were fully aware of the defects and purposefully chose to hide them from American consumers. Those consumers bought and drove the dangerous automobiles and unknowingly placed themselves and their passengers at risk.

In legal terms, any kind of manufactured product can be deemed dangerous or defective when the maker of the item fails to notify the purchasers of its dangers. Generally, consumer items that fall under the category of product liability litigation include pharmaceuticals, food and any other kind of consumer products. The category of consumer products is quite large and includes things like cars, exercise equipment, toys, electronic devices, furniture and household appliances, to name a few.

When a consumer suffers an injury caused by a defective or dangerous product, the manufacturer of the product and/or seller of the product could be liable for financial damages stemming from those injuries. Similarly, if the product results in the death of an individual, family members may have strong claims for wrongful death-related damages.

At the Hamampour Law Firm, we are passionate consumer rights advocates. We aggressively pursue financial restitution on behalf of California residents who are injured due to the fault of negligent manufacturers. Whether you or your loved one was harmed by a product that was defective due to failures in the manufacturing process, failures to notify you of dangers associated with the product or both, we are available to help.

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