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Airbag recalls are indicators of dangerous defective products

Sometimes, a defective product doesn't work as advertised, and it's little more than an annoyance. Other times, though, the defects can be very dangerous or even deadly. For these types of products, recalls are often issued, and consumers need to pay close attention to the recall notices so that they can take appropriate action to protect themselves.

A great example of this is the airbag recall currently being carried out by Takata. It's one of the largest recalls of all time, with millions of vehicles being impacted. About two dozen automotive brands have used these airbags. That's a vast increase over the six brands that were targeted when this recall started, all the way back in 2013.

The total number of vehicles impacted is estimated to be around 34 million. Many of the recalls are being made in high-humidity areas, as the humidity can cause the airbags to malfunction.

What's most problematic about this recall is that consumers did not find out about it for a long time, even though the issues may have been long-standing. This puts many people at risk. According to some of the most recent reports, the company found out about the issues back in 2004. They did testing, which they kept a secret. As noted above, it then took almost a decade for the recalls to begin, and it has now been more than a decade since those initial tests, with the recall only expanding.

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