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The causes of rollover accidents

Rollover accidents can be some of the most dangerous and violent crashes in California. Often, when people are ejected from their vehicles, it is because they were not wearing their seat belts and they were in rollover crashes. Ejection is fatal in a high percentage of these accidents.

One of the key things to consider with any rollover crash is why it occurred. Some of the top reasons that relate to human error are driving at a high rate of speed, not navigating a turn properly or drinking alcohol before driving. However, not all reasons are linked to the drivers, and defective parts could also contribute to these crashes.

For example, a driver whose brakes go out could be a high risk for a rollover crash. He or she may try to slow down as a curve approaches but be unable to do so. This means the car is traveling way too fast for the turn, but the driver will likely try to make it anyway, causing the car to flip as the g-force tips it sideways.

Additionally, defective tires have sometimes been linked to these crashes. A tire that bursts for no reason could pitch a car sideways at a high rate of speed, causing it to roll. This is especially true for the front tires.

It's also worth noting that most rollover crashes -- a full 85 percent -- do not involve multiple cars. These are single-vehicle accidents. This could indicate that driver error was a big factor, but it could also indicate that defective parts contributed, as they make it far easier for a vehicle to crash without any outside forces and with perfect driving from the occupants.

If you've lost a loved one in an accident due to a defective part, be sure you know your rights to compensation.

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