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San Luis Obispo County is home to most deadly bike accidents

Deadly bike accidents can happen all over California, whether they involve just the bikes alone or other vehicles. However, new research has shown that San Luis Obispo County is the most dangerous, statistically speaking, as it has more of these deadly crashes than any other county in the state.

The total number of cycling deaths in 2014 was just five, but that still put the county at the top of the list.

One interesting fact is that San Luis Obispo County is not the home to the most collisions, when bikes and cars come together. On a per capita basis, it ranks out as the fifth leader in these crashes. That means that Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and other counties rank higher when examining crashes per 100,000 people, but San Luis Obispo County still saw more deaths.

It's also important to note that Alpine county did not get consideration when looking at the per capita numbers, on account of its being so small. There are just over 1,000 people living in the entire county. If just two or three of them were involved in accidents, the small population means that Alpine would hurdle over all other counties and appear to be the most dangerous.

While per capita numbers are usually more reliable than raw numbers, this type of jump was thought to skew the results, so Alpine found itself excluded.

Has a loved one been killed in a bike accident in California? No matter what county you live in, you may have a right to compensation, and it's wise to look into this shortly after the incident.

Source: CalCoastNews.com, "San Luis Obispo County leads California in bike deaths," Josh Friedman, April. 27, 201

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