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Are your children's products subject to a recall?

Recalls of defective products include clothing, household furnishings and children's products, which when combined, accounted for almost two-thirds of all of the consumer product safety problems in the last quarter, one report states.

The Stericycle Recall Index attributed 44 percent of all recalls issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission from July through September to housewares, fixtures, appliances and furnishings.

According to the report, those items had a longer shelf life, making that a critical factor in the number or recalls. Within the past five years, there were numerous recalls involving goods that were manufactured during the 1990s. The older a product is, the greater the chance of its overheating and catching on fire. That concern was responsible for the most product recalls in the category.

Also, the technologically complex nature of that product category, "give manufacturers the opportunity to design early-warning systems, but . . . there is also more that can go wrong," said the vice president of Stericycle.

Analysis also concluded that infants and children were impacted disproportionately by consumer product recalls, as the second-highest recall percentage was in the category of kids' products. There were heightened risks of entrapment, strangling and choking. This trio replaced the ingredient lead as the primary safety concern regarding those products.

There were 96 recalls issued by the CPSC in the third quarter, which was a 33 percent uptick from the second. Jewelry, clothing and accessories made up 8 percent of the recalls in that quarter, with over 50 percent of the clothing recalls in the past five years having focused on infant and children's wear.

Voluntary recalls show that a company is committed to safety. However, if you or your child were injured or made ill due to a malfunctioning product, you may need to seek legal redress from the courts.

Source: Manufacturing.net, "Report: Household Furnishings, Children's Products Top Consumer Product Recalls," Andy Szal, Nov. 20, 201

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