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Defective products should not be on the market

In a perfect world, products would do what they are intended to do and not malfunction and harm consumers. Of course, we live in a decidedly imperfect world, and it is a fact of life that dangerously defective products jeopardize the health and well-being of consumers all over the Los Angeles area.

Some safety defects are minor and are detected by the retailer or manufacturer before they have a chance to do any harm to consumers. Most companies want to be proactive and responsible toward their customers and protect them from danger.

However, as we have seen frequently over the past few years, many egregious safety defects have been allowed to remain on consumer goods, and people have been badly injured and died as a result. The auto industry has been particularly guilty of callous disregard for human lives by allowing unsafe vehicles to keep being produced and sold.

At the Homampour Law Firm, we understand how dangerous a defective product can be, and we are not afraid to take on major corporations that design, manufacture and sell these products to unwary consumers. We use our considerable skills to lay out a logical case that clearly identifies the problem and the entity responsible for creating it.

Our attorneys are always willing to sit down at the negotiation table in an attempt to present our clients with reasonable settlement offers, but sometimes this is insufficient. When that happens, we are ready, willing and able to proceed to court and to litigate the merits of the case to the judge or jury.

If you have suffered serious injuries due to a malfunctioning product, we can assist you with your case.

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