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On and off-road challenges for California motorcyclists

The reasons Los Angeles residents ride motorcycles vary with the rider. Some motorcyclists ride for pleasure. Other riders like the savings of a cheaper form of transportation or want to leave a lighter carbon footprint by using less gas.

California motorcyclists are aware of the dangers. The likelihood of motorcycle accident injuries is three times greater on a bike than in a car. The fatality rate is 14 times higher than individuals in vehicles with far more physical protection.

Vulnerability is due to size and exposure to the environment. The right riding gear can offer some protection. In California, laws require all riders and passengers to wear helmets, unlike laws in some states where helmet use is optional or restricted to novice riders.

Obstacles to safe rides can include negative driver attitudes or ignorance. Some motorcyclists have bad reputations – not because of poor riding practices – but simply for choosing to ride.

Motorcycle attorneys know the perception of bikers as wild and unsafe can influence accident investigations and the outcome of liability claims. Lawyers also know blame for a crash often falls on motorcyclists, even when evidence points to other forms of negligence.

Drivers are commonly the cause of an accident involving a motorcyclist. Even when they aren't, it is usually the biker who suffers following a crash. Motorcycle accident injuries can be severe, particularly when a rider's brain or spinal cord is affected.

An injury could incapacitate a motorcyclist for several weeks, months or for a lifetime. Accident attorneys are aware compensation for extraordinary medical bills, pain and suffering and wage losses are critical to victims and their families.

Lawyers look for evidence of negligence to support a claim in places you might not have considered. Motorcycle manufacturers and servicers, helmet makers and even road designers may be accountable for an accident – the keys are assessing claims and finding proof to justify compensation.

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