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3 die when California box truck plows through intersection

Traffic accidents happen fast and can change lives in seconds. The damage to victims and vehicles in a truck crash can be substantial. Victims may suffer extreme pain, complicated and costly treatments, long recoveries or permanent injuries. Seeing a violent Los Angeles accident also can cause emotional trauma, especially for victims who witness the injury or death of a loved one.

Four vehicles and nine people recently were involved in a fatal truck crash near Caruthers. An Apria Healthcare work truck failed to stop at an intersection and plowed into a minivan. The minivan crashed into a Chevrolet Avalanche, which struck a Nissan Cube.

KFSN-TV in Fresno reported three people in the minivan, who died at the scene of the multi-vehicle accident, may have been Mexican farm workers. California Highway Patrol investigators did not share the identities of the victims or confirm any findings by television reporters.

TV reports said witnesses heard the driver of the work truck complain that his brakes were malfunctioning before the accident. Authorities said they were planning to inspect the box truck for mechanical problems. More than a dozen accidents occurred at the same intersection since 2001, with three collisions involving fatalities.

According to a witness, one injured person in the van survived. Three people in the Nissan Cube – the driver, her daughter and the mother's sibling – were treated for minor injuries. The driver of the Avalanche, the sole occupant, fled on foot from the scene.

Investigators noticed beer cans among the debris outside the Chevy. Officers were unable to find the driver after a night-long search. The uninjured Apria box truck driver could face criminal charges, depending upon the results of the investigation.

Truck accident claims frequently involve a third party. Trucking companies and vehicle owners, servicers and manufacturers can be faulted for accidents causing injuries or deaths. Liability attorneys explore all possibilities of negligence and compensation.

Source: KFSN-TV, "Triple fatal crash near the Fresno County town of Caruthers" Rick Montanez, Aug. 28, 201

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