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7 injuries, 1 death in California 11-vehicle truck crash

Los Angeles trucking companies know the routes their drivers will take, the loads the trucks will bear and the mechanical conditions of the vehicles. A safety-conscious firm would not send a driver on a run along hilly or mountainous roads when there is any doubt about brake performance. Failing to take safety precautions is reckless.

Trucking companies are also responsible for the competency of the drivers they hire. The business can be liable for truck crash injuries and deaths caused by unqualified truck drivers. Companies must screen and monitor drivers to make sure safety regulations are followed.

One man died and seven people were hurt when a California truck driver lost control of a double trailer rig loaded down with dirt. The semi-truck crashed into 10 vehicles on Highway 17. The 23-year-old Union City truck driver told investigators the brakes didn't work.

The truck's trailer rolled over one of the vehicles, partially ejecting and killing a 25-year-old male driver. A second victim, a 37-year-old Royal Oaks woman, was hospitalized with a liver laceration, while a half-dozen other drivers and passengers were transported to health care facilities with minor injuries. The California Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate the fatal truck accident.

Driving a motor vehicle is a dangerous activity. Motorists are obliged to take reasonable actions to prevent accidents and, therefore, harm to others. Juries in California personal injury and wrongful death cases use the duty of care standard to determine whether a defendant is negligent.

Safety standards are high for professional truck drivers, owners and operators. The trucking industry is heavily regulated to protect the public. Rule violations can result in criminal charges against truck drivers and civil penalties against any party responsible for the unsafe operation of a commercial truck.

Investigations of semi-truck accidents like the Highway 17 crash can be extensive. Attorneys provide guidance for accident victims seeking compensation for losses.

Source: Mercury News, "Highway 17 fatal crash: Big rig's trailer slid over top of car" Sharon Noguchi, Jul. 12, 201 

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