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California police officer killed in off-duty motorcycle accident

Some Los Angeles motorists forget a driver's single, careless act can change another person's life forever. We've all done things we later regret but, when negligence happens behind the wheel, other people may pay the price. Many driving errors are preventable; however, once mistakes occur, the damage can be irreversible.

The recent death of a San Bernardino police officer shows how vulnerable anyone, even the best-prepared motorcyclists, can be to the actions of other people. The officer was killed while riding along Highway 91 in Corona. The 30-year-old Beaumont man had been with the police force eight years and had been assigned motorcycle officer duties in January.

The officer was an experienced rider, who had undergone defensive training before graduating to the police motorcycle unit. At the time of the fatal motorcycle accident, the officer was off-duty and riding his personal motorcycle, a Harley Davison Softtail. Investigators from the California Highway Patrol reported the officer died, after a driver hit the bike while switching traffic lanes.

Reports said the motorcyclist was riding in the highway's carpool lane. The car struck the bike, which threw the officer off the motorcycle and over a highway divider. The police officer died, when he fell onto the opposite side of the highway and was hit by a car; authorities said the oncoming driver had no time to swerve or stop before hitting the motorcycle accident victim.

Motorcycle accidents, injuries and deaths are often the result of driver negligence. Bikes aren't as visible as other vehicles and drivers forget to watch out for them. Drivers frequently misjudge a motorcycle's distance and speed and a rider's ability to maneuver.

None of these reasons are excuses for careless drivers, although many are never charged with a crime. However, injured motorcycle accident victims and survivors may file lawsuits with California civil courts, to recover compensation for accident-related losses associated with negligence.

Source: The Press-Enterprise, "CORONA: Off-duty officer killed riding Harley on Hwy 91" Richard Brooks, May. 01, 201 

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