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Cause of double fire truck crash near Los Angeles still unknown

In California, other states and at the federal level, governments make laws that describe whether and under what conditions a government is liable for damages. In other words, under sovereign immunity laws, permission to file a government claim must follow the guidelines of the defendant. Rules may seem unfairly lopsided, but it is possible to hold a government responsible for accident injuries and deaths.

A bizarre truck crash just outside Los Angeles injured the most innocent of victims – people who had no way to prevent being hurt. A pair of fire trucks from Monterey Park and Alhambra was responding to the same emergency, a house fire, when the vehicles crashed. The violent collision at an intersection sent one of the trucks barreling into a building.

The emergency vehicle crashed through a Chinese restaurant injuring 15 victims, including patrons and half a dozen firefighters. Reports said one person suffered critical injuries, and the rest escaped with mild to moderate injuries. The victim who was hurt severely was not a member of a fire department.

An unharmed witness stated the truck slammed into furniture, appliances and people. A waitress, who was in a back room when the truck came roaring through the front of the restaurant, said she mistook the accident for an earthquake. Investigating authorities haven't speculated on what caused the crash.

Employees hurt while on the job may be covered by workers' compensation or other employer insurance. What about other victims? Who will pay their medical bills and make up for wage losses?

Liability claims can help injured victims receive compensation to cover expenses and other losses caused by negligent drivers. When a careless employee causes an accident while on the job, the driver's employer may be responsible for some of the damages. Employers, including government employers, may be held accountable when workers are inadequately trained, tested or monitored for safe driving practices.

Source: Fox News, "15 injured after fire truck rams into California restaurant" No author given, Apr. 17, 201 

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