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California dangerous products: McDonald's Hello Kitty toy

Young children are the most innocent consumers in California. Children depend upon parents to buy the toys they play with and protect them, as parents depend upon manufacturers to make children's products safe. Evidence that a toy poses a serious health risk can prompt manufacturers to issue a voluntary recall – in some cases, the federal government will force a recall.

McDonald's recently recalled a promotional toy with a potential choking hazard. The toys, with detachable red whistles, were included in North American Mighty Kids Meals and Happy Meals, as part of an October-November Hello Kitty promotion. McDonald's issued the voluntarily recall, after learning the whistles might be dangerous.

A voluntary recall was issued after parents reported two children coughed out pieces of the toy. The children put the removable whistles from the Happy Meal Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop Toy in their mouths. One child required medical treatment.

McDonald's recovered about 70 percent of the 2.3 million Hello Kitty toys in the recall. The restaurant chain advised parents to keep the whistle away from children. The company offered customers who purchased the dangerous children's toy a replacement toy, plus one of two free food items.

The company stressed none of the other Happy Meal toys in the current 40th anniversary Hello Kitty promotion or past promotions were defective. Recalls help remove defective and dangerous products from the market. Unfortunately, reports of product-related injuries or deaths are often the reason recalls are issued.

Parents whose children suffer injuries or die due to product design defects, manufacturing flaws or inadequate warning labels are advised to contact an attorney. The legal process begins with a claim assessment for personal injury or wrongful death.

Sometimes, parents discover others share similar complaints. An attorney can discuss the differences between pursuing an individual claim and joining others in a class action lawsuit against a negligent child products' manufacturer.

Source: CNN, "McDonald's recalls 2.3 million Hello Kitty whistles that pose choking hazard" Saeed Ahmed, Nov. 11, 201

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