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Asserting the rights of victims of California bike accidents

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition reminds riders that helmets are mandatory for state cyclists younger than 18. Bikes used at night must have reflectors and white headlights. Many bicyclists take more safety precautions than laws require by using reflective gear and devices to add visibility.

Travels by bicycle make up just 1 percent of all trips in the U.S. However, bike riders face a disproportionately high risk of injuries and fatalities compared to drivers. California cyclists understand bike accident injuries, like spinal cord and brain injuries, can be serious, disabling and life-threatening.

Rights to use roads are the same for drivers and bicyclists. Unfortunately, when auto-bike accidents occur, bicyclists are vulnerable to the most pain and suffering. Over half a million U.S. bicyclists were treated for injuries in emergency rooms in 2010 and nearly 800 died in bike accidents.

Children, teens and adults under 25, mostly males, suffer 60 percent of bike collision injuries. Perhaps surprisingly, fatalities among bicyclists occur most often for riders in the 15 to 24 and 45-plus age groups. The majority of bike accidents happen in places other than intersections.

Causes of auto-bicycle accidents are crucial to accident claims. It's easy enough for drivers to claim they just didn't see a bicyclist, but that's not always how these crashes occur. Attorneys representing injured bicyclists dig into evidence from witnesses and surveillance videos to learn the truth.

Full or partial fault can be assigned to any party involved in an accident. A plaintiff must show a defendant's negligence caused a collision for an injury or wrongful death claim to succeed. Lawyers build cases to support the position that the defendant carelessly or recklessly dismissed the safety of a bicyclist.

Settlements and jury awards can be vital to the physical and financial recovery of bike accident victims and their families. An attorney is prepared to fight toward that end for all valid claims.

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