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A fatal bicycle accident in California is being treated differently in part due to tweets sent by the driver of a car allegedly responsible for what occurred. The 18-year old driver of the car has apparently boasted in the past concerning his reckless conduct while driving. He had claimed to have driven 140 miles per hour along our California roads, and he equated driving fast with living young.

This driver was accused of traveling at speeds of 83 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone while attempting to pass another vehicle. The driver then appeared to have lost control subsequently striking two bikers. A 58-year-old woman was killed in the bicycle accident and her husband was injured.

Though criminal charges against the driver originally included reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter, the charges were eventually changed to second-degree murder when contents of the tweets made by the driver became known. Authorities apparently also had reviewed the driving record of the youth before bringing charges.

As has occurred in so many bicycle and pedestrian accidents that have occurred in California, it appears that in this accident an innocent person was killed due to the reckless conduct of someone operating a motor vehicle. Yet while this individual will likely be sitting in jail, it's often unclear as to what victims can do to receive compensation due to such crashes.

Insurance may or may not take care of the medical expenses and wage losses injured individuals may have to endure due to accidents. There may also be a number of other expenses that will remain uncompensated without the representation of an attorney to help the victims out.

While the husband of the woman killed will have to hope for a speedy recovery concerning his own injuries, he will at the same time have to deal with the loss of his spouse. Though no amount of money will ever fully compensate him for what did occur, he should at least be provided the opportunity to get on with his own life without having to endure financial hardship as well.

Source: ARS Technica, "Tweets contribute to charging driver with murder in fatal bike accident," Megan Geuss, Aug. 17, 2013

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