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Arash Homampour - Expert Trial Lawyer

Arash Homampour - Expert Trial Lawyer

The vast majority of our cases come from referrals from other attorneys who know that they need the best of the best to handle their most complex cases. We frequently work on cases with the referring attorney as a joint venture but where we spearhead the quest for justice. Not only does this provide the best possible representation for the client (having two law firms on their case), but it also provides the referring attorney with an opportunity to work with our firm and see how we get such great results.

Referring attorneys always compliment us and tell us they learn from how we organize our files, handle pleadings, prepare and enforce written discovery, take depositions, defeat summary judgment motions, mediate cases, negotiate with insurance companies, take cases to trial and try cases.

Read this letter from one of our referring attorneys to get a real picture of what it is like to work with the Homampour firm.

We have paid tens of millions of dollars in referral fees and love working with other lawyers on their best cases with a common goal of getting the best result for the client(s).

You should consider our firm for your referral because we are uniquely positioned as a trial firm that gets the best results and a firm that has successfully handled appeals of even the most challenging cases.

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