On The Real Arash

November 5, 2021

On The Real Arash

In the final video of this series Homampour Law Firm Attorney Arash Homampour wants you to make no mistake and go to the wrong Arash for your catastrophic injury or wrongful death case. You are looking for Arash Homampour of the Homampour Law Firm who gets the large cases and outlier results.

Video Transcript

Arash Homampour:

My name is Arash Homampour. For a long time there was really only one Arash in our legal community that was trying cases. And right now, really there is only one Arash that is Arash Homampour that is me. And you may be confused. You may look up my name, Arash, looking for me and see that other lawyers have marketed themselves as Arash, Lawyer or Arash Law. And I’ve unfortunately had people confused. I’ve had people apply to my law firm, but not really apply to my law firm because they’re applying to a different Arash.

And why am I saying this? Well, look, I just don’t want anyone going to the wrong Arash. Typically, when you’re looking for Arash the lawyer in a catastrophic injury or wrongful death case, you’re looking for me, because I’m the one that like the majority of other lawyers, when they have a big case, when they have a case that they can’t handle, that they’re not competent to handle, or they can’t afford it, or they know they need to get a lot more than what the insurance company or defense is offering, they come to me. 99% of our cases are from other attorneys. We only accept, and everyone knows we only accept, a very small number of referrals to us. Why? We’re very selective. We only take cases that we think we can take to trial and win. And when we win, we win big.

And so that we are available to jump in at any time, beginning, middle, or end right before trial, so that we’re available to jump in and commit the insane resources we commit in terms of time and money, we have to say no so that we can say yes to the right case.

So again, I just always want everyone to remember if you’re ever looking for Arash the lawyer that you’ve heard of, who’s doing these large cases and getting these outlier, really large results. You’re probably thinking of me, Arash Homampour. Thank you.

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