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Pedestrian Accident Case Results

We think results speak louder than words and just a few examples of our results in pedestrian cases, include:

$37.5 million

In 2004, Arash Homampour obtained a $37.5 million verdict from a San Bernardino jury in a case against the City of Fontana for the wrongful death of pedestrian Karen Medina (a 14 year old girl) by two divorced parents who testified through a Spanish interpreter at trial. It was an extremely difficult liability case where an unlicensed minor driver was speeding at 70mph down a residential street and lost control of his car striking a young girl walking in the road home from school.

Arash was able to convince the jury that the young girl died, in part, because the City did not do its job to install sidewalks so that students could walk home safely from school. Also, Arash effectively shifted the jury's obvious focus on the unlicensed driver to the City's role and failure to protect student pedestrians. The jury allocated 75% to the city, 25% to the minor's parents and nothing to the minor driver.

The trial court ordered a new trial on excessive damages and apportionment. Defendant City unsuccessfully appealed the finding of liability and causation. Arash retried the case in 2008 and obtained a $15 million verdict which was kept as the trial court denied a second motion for new trial on the ground of excessive damages. More details on this verdict can be found here.

$5.75 million

In 2007, Arash Homampour settled a very tough liability bus versus pedestrian case for $5.75 million. This provided enough resources for Plaintiff, a 53 year old mother, to move out of the nursing home she had been in for the last 3 years and to move in with her daughter where she could get the loving, care and attention she desperately wanted and needed.

Plaintiff, a pedestrian, had no recollection of the event but witnesses confirmed that she attempted to cross the street against two red lights - a traffic signal and pedestrian signal. As she was in the cross-walk, she was struck by a Defendant LACMTA bus. Again, the investigating officers cited Plaintiff as the primary collision factor. But, through aggressive efforts it was determined that there were actually three signals facing Plaintiff with the third signal improperly rotated 90 degrees facing Plaintiff.

It was inferred that Plaintiff walked against the pedestrian red because she saw the green Northbound Tri-light signal. While the LACMTA bus had the right of way, Arash established that the bus driver had enough time to avoid hitting Plaintiff. He also established that the rotated traffic signal was defective because it rotated when it should not have. He also established a dangerous condition of public property in that the City knew that at certain corners the turning radii was too narrow, the traffic poles were mounted too close to the curb and the signals were improperly mounted to the pole allowing turning trucks to strike and rotate the signals.

He took over 15 depositions and established that the City knew about the problem for years and could have fixed it in 30 minutes by remounting the signals.

$1.6 million

In 2010, Arash Homampour settled a difficult liability car versus pedestrian wrongful death case for $1.6 million where decedent was 83 years old and witnesses confirmed that she had crossed the street outside of the crosswalk.

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